Celebrate Mid-Autumn with Kim Tee

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Celebrate Mid-Autumn with Kim Tee 2022

Aug 02, 2022


20% OFF* Traditional Mooncakes & Chinese Teas

The Mid-Autumn Festival - a time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, and Chinese families around the world gather under the moon and lit lanterns to sip tea and enjoy mooncakes. Mooncakes have its earliest origin in the legend of Chang-e, and later on, as a symbol of triumph by the Han Chinese in the Mongol rebellion of the Yuan dynasty.


Today, mooncakes symbolise completeness, like the full moon during Mid-Autumn. The act of gifting mooncakes, thus, comes to represent the gifter's best wishes of family harmony and sucessful endeavours to the recipients. 


This Mid-Autumn, celebrate with Kim Tee's traditional baked mooncakes, available in low sugar white lotus or jade lotus (with or without double yolks). Every set of 4 pieces comes in a vintage woven rattan case with a twilly scarf and faux leather luggage tag - perfect for sending your best wishes. Complete the poetic mood of Mid-Autumn with our selection of premium aged Chinese teas and a limited edition azure porcelain tea set. 


Pre-order Special: Enjoy 20% off and free delivery when you order five sets of mooncakes; terms & conditions apply. Download the complete brochure and pre-order form here


Mid-Autumn with Kim Tee 2022


Download the pre-order form here.