Signature Bak Kwa (Individual Packs)

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Signature Bak Kwa (Individual Packs)

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Best Before: 15 Jul 2024

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Our all-time top-seller! Made using minced pork from the shoulder cut, we take the additional step of removing excess fats from the meat before mincing to keep the bakkwa as lean and meaty as possible. We made the Signature uniquely thin and cook it over charcoal with the right duration and temperature to give it a delightfully tender texture that all ages (from children to elderly) can easily enjoy. All our bakkwas are 100% handmade using fresh pork, charcoal-cooked from start to end, and do not contain any preservatives, tenderisers or artificial colourings.


Now in a box of individual vacuumed packs for more convenient handling and longer storage. Weight: 500G

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